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Thanks for seeing my art and your advice. First of all I am going to describe My 1000 statues. I have an Iron Dream -giving 1000 statues of world famous personalities to my Nation NEPAL. I am working regularly for it. I have finished 50 statues of those in the last one year. I think it will take my 15 years. Sometimes many circumstances disturb me and it even goes to late, But I am taking them as a power to success. Last January, I exhibited these statues. All people are inspiring me knowing my aim, they are helping me as their possibilities.

I think the nation also watching it. Some universities and other Forums are asking me to help strongly for establishing those statues museum belonging them but I think it is not better than Nation. I can finish it in my life anyhow but they want to take advantage by it, I don’t like. I am going to give these 50 statues in this running year and it will going on every year to Nation. My portraits are carved on local stone. The stones are not good in quality although I have to make on it because the quality stones are not available here and they are expensive too. My poverty can not survive it. My portraits are (18″ x 15″) in size. They are in half sized.

Your suggestions always make me pleasure and stronger.

Thank you

                          Manjul Miteri                                                                   Kaushila Rai Miteri

                                 NEPAL                                                                                      Nepal




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